The Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Your lawn is a living, breathing organism.  And just like all the other living things you take care of — your family, your pets, your garden — it needs water and oxygen to stay healthy and happy.  Now that fall has arrived, it’s a great time to start thinking about how you can keep your… Read More

A Piece of DR History!

DR Field and Brush Mowers have been around for quite a while — since the late 1980’s, as a matter of fact.  And if you own one, you know that they’re built to last.  Last week, an interesting piece of DR history came into the service area and proved just how long-lasting they are.  An… Read More

Fun with DR Machines!

Here at DR, we absolutely love to see that our customers are having fun while using their DR machines!  You have to admit, there’s nothing quite like the thrill you get from mowing down tough weeds and brush with a DR Field and Brush Mower.  Check out some of the fantastic owner videos we’ve come… Read More

The European Woodlot

If you’ve seen any of our literature about the DR Field and Brush Mower, you may have read about how great the DR is for creating “European woodlots.” We started using this term many years ago when we first began offering the Field and Brush Mower, and we’re still using it today. However, through the… Read More

DR Was Built on Product Innovation

It was product innovation that started DR Power Equipment, and it’s product innovation that has made us so popular with property owners today.  Decades ago, our founders had the idea to create a string trimmer that was mounted on wheels, saving them from the back and arm strain caused by lugging around a handheld string… Read More