DR Was Built on Product Innovation

DR Trimmed

DR Power founder Dick Raymond with an original Trimmer/Mower

It was product innovation that started DR Power Equipment, and it’s product innovation that has made us so popular with property owners today.  Decades ago, our founders had the idea to create a string trimmer that was mounted on wheels, saving them from the back and arm strain caused by lugging around a handheld string trimmer.  And the DR Trimmer/Mower was born!  It looks pretty different nowadays, but carries the same quality and ergonomic functionality.

Today, DR’s engineers always have something new in the works.  Sometimes their ideas come from customer comments, and sometimes from that indefinable spark that characterizes creativity and innovation.  Some even come from employees, such as the idea for the RediPlow, which will be available next fall.  It was an award-winning idea from our customer service and support manager, Scott.


Big rewards for great product    ideas from DR employees!

As country home owners ourselves, we know what challenges face those with large properties, and tailor our products to their needs.   After building a prototype of a new idea, the engineers send it to our product testing department, where product testers make sure that the concept is viable.  When the final version has been built, it is tested for around 100 hours to be sure that it is up to DR’s standards of quality.

And our product testers really give new machines the run-around.  Rain, wind, snow, sleet, and cold weather don’t stop them from testing machines’ durability and functionality.  Even our existing products are tested on a regular basis to be sure that they are still living up to the DR name.  Usually, product testing happens here in the rugged hills of Vergennes, Vermont.  Sometimes, though, we take them to even rougher terrain and really see what they can do!  Several years ago, we took the DR Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower to Hawaii to see how well it could handle the tough tropical weeds and brush.  Our product testers weren’t surprised at all that the DR had no trouble with the island vegetation.  And they certainly enjoyed the trip to the ‘Aloha’ state!

Because of our team’s aggressive product testing, you know that whether a product is a new creation or a tried-and-true workhorse, a machine with DR on it is DONE RIGHT.

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