How to Choose Best Chainsaw for You

A chainsaw is a cost-effective and time saving tool for wood cutting. Owning a chainsaw allows you to skip the rental shops and expensive contractors and use your machine on your own terms. By spending a little time upfront, you can find the chainsaw that fits your needs exactly and become an expert on how… Read More

How to Choose a Type of Firewood

It’s wood season again! And with it comes the satisfying challenge of splitting all the cords of wood you’ll need for the winter, stacking them neatly, and having a reliable way to transport them to the wood stove. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first step is choosing a type of firewood to… Read More

Top 3 Types of Firewood

If you heat with wood fuel, you’ve probably thought often about which type of wood is best. Which one burns the longest, gives off the most heat, and is the best overall value. In the same way that you would evaluate all the options for a cable TV provider before signing up, it’s a good… Read More