7 Reasons to Choose an Electric Log Splitter

rapidfire-premier-electric-shed-03Don’t get us wrong, there are also plenty of reasons to choose a gas-powered log splitter. But electric models are sometimes overlooked in favor of their more traditional combustion counterparts. Take a look at what an electric log splitter could do for you, and how it could make this splitting season easier:

1. Split indoors.

Want to split when it’s raining? Cold outside? Snowing? Want to split wood right in the living room while you watch the football game? (Okay, just kidding with that one.)

You’ll meed an electric model. Splitting wood in the barn, garage, or even on a semi-enclosed porch is simply not an option with a gas-powered combustion engine due to the noxious fumes. With an electric motor, however, it’s safe and comfortable.

2. . . . or outdoors.

Electric log splitters aren’t limited to indoor use, however. With heavy-duty cords and the ability to be connected to an extension cord, they’ll get the job done pretty much wherever you need it to.

LOG070413JHART-3833. Save your ears.

Electric log splitters are much quieter than those with a gas engine. Split outdoors without disturbing the neighbors. Split indoors without harming your ears.

4. No more oil changes!

One of the greatest benefits of the electric log splitter is its low maintenance needs. No need to change the oil, add gas, change the oil filter, or replace the spark plugs. Just plug it in and split away!

5. Spills are a thing of the past.

Without having to add gas and oil to your splitter, you won’t run the risk of dangerous spills. Oil and gas spills are messy, flammable, and horrible for the environment. But there’s no risk with an electric log splitter.

6. Mother Nature will thank you.W0402

Electric engines are better for the environment than gas engines. While gas engines produce a huge amount of power, they also produce carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and hydrocarbons – all the ingredients for smog and acid rain.

7. So many options!

If you decide to go with an electric log splitter, you have a broad range of options to choose from. Check out the electric-powered K10 or K22 RapidFire Flywheel Log Splitter for maximum speed (3-second cycle time!). Or, try the electric 5-ton for small splitting jobs, such as kindling.

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