DR Introduces NEW Stump Grinder!

We have recently announced a new addition to our Stump Grinder lineup! The new 16.5 ft-lb. DR® Pro-XL Stump Grinder is the most powerful model in the line, allowing homeowners to grind away large, tough hardwood stumps even more quickly and easily. In just minutes, it transforms any stump into woodchips – gone forever! Plus, the… Read More

How to Grind a Stump Away

So you’ve removed a tree from your property. Congrats! Unfortunately, now you’re left with a big ol’ stump. Stumps not only look ugly in the middle of your yard or pasture, but can be a tripping hazard for you and your livestock and are a pain to mow around. It’s best to remove them, and… Read More

Stump Removal: Don’t Be Stumped

After you’ve removed a tree — or a multitude of trees — you’re left with the unsightly and often dangerous stump.  They’re a pain to mow around and can be a tripping hazard for you and your livestock . . . not to mention often ruining a landscape that you’ve spent many man-hours perfecting.  There… Read More