DR Introduces NEW Stump Grinder!

DR Stump GrinderWe have recently announced a new addition to our Stump Grinder lineup!

The new 16.5 ft-lb. DR® Pro-XL Stump Grinder is the most powerful model in the line, allowing homeowners to grind away large, tough hardwood stumps even more quickly and easily. In just minutes, it transforms any stump into woodchips – gone forever! Plus, the new model comes standard with a detachable tow bar, allowing users to transport  the machine to any remote part of their property.

Matt Bieber, vice president of merchandising at DR, is confident that property owners will be thrilled with this new addition: “We found that many of our customers were choosing our then-top-of-the-line model, the Pro model Stump Grinder. It made sense, then, to allow customers the opportunity to step up to an even more powerful machine with the added benefit of being towable right out of the box.”

Along with the new stump grinder, DR is introducing road towing options for its existing Premier and Pro models. For those with far-reaching properties, this option will make the stump removal process even easier.

Stump removal can be a daunting task for any property owner, and alternative methods often leave much to be desired. Chemical removal, for example, can take years to completely dissolve a stump. And digging them out by hand is back-breaking work, especially for larger stumps. For projects such as clearing large expanses of land, building trails through a wooded area, or expanding a lawn, a stump grinder is an essential tool. Stumps that are left in the ground are a tripping hazard for humans and livestock, as well as an eyesore on otherwise picturesque properties.

The new 16.5 ft-lb. DR® Pro-XL Stump Grinder is now available for preorder from www.drpower.com or by calling 1-800-687-6575.

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