Spring Driveway Maintenance Made Simple

Almost every type of driveway needs a little attention come spring time.  Cold temperatures, frost, and the aggravation of snow plows and shovels have probably taken their toll on your driveway over the winter.  A little driveway maintenance can bring it back to its former glory, however, and make for a way smoother ride. Gravel… Read More

Mow Like a Pro! Spring Mowing Tips

With the warm days of spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about spring mowing!  Spring lawn care comes with its own set of challenges, and lawn aficionados should be sure they are taking the right steps to promote healthy grass plants. Before you get out the lawn mower, clean up a… Read More

Healthy Lawns without Chemicals

If you think having a weed-, insect-, and disease-free lawn, without using a lot of chemicals, is beyond your expertise, you may be in for a surprise.  In fact, what is best for the environment is also what is best for growing grass, and may mean you spend more time enjoying your lawn than working… Read More

Spring Soil Preparation Made Easy!

Spring has arrived.  The ground has thawed, the birds are back, and you’re ready to breathe life back into your garden.  But that hard, dry soil isn’t going to nurture any new plant life.  Proper soil preparation is essential to a productive growing season.  Whether you are growing veggies to enjoy or flowers to beautify your… Read More