Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn This Spring

Lawn aeration is the single best thing you can do to make your lawn lush and healthy. More so than extra watering, fertilizing, and mowing, aerating your lawn will ensure that each blade gets the water and nutrients it needs to be healthy. Aerate your lawn this spring for your most beautiful summer lawn yet!

Lawn Aerator Core

What is lawn aeration?

Aerating your lawn consists of removing small cores of turf at regular intervals. This decompacts hard-packed soil and allows moisture and nutrients to access the grass’s roots where they’re needed most. You may have heard of spike aerators, which simply stab holes into the ground. These actually make the problem of soil compaction worse by compressing soil even more. The best way to decompact soil and get get water, nutrients, and oxygen to the roots of your lawn is to aerate your lawn with a core aerator.

When should you aerate?

While lawn aeration won’t hurt any time of the year, it is most beneficial in the spring and fall. In the spring, you give your lawn’s roots the water, oxygen, and nutrients they need to grow long, healthy roots that will last all summer. Essentially, you’re setting them up for a productive summer season. Aerating in the fall is almost as important as doing it in the spring, as it leaves each plant fully fortified for the dormant winter season.

So this spring, make core aeration a part of your spring lawn care regimen. You only have to do it once during the season to be effective, and it’s incredibly easy. Most core aerators can be simply pushed across the lawn, and others are even self-propelled.

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