Meet the NEW DR Trimmer Line!

DR Power Equipment invented and popularized the “string trimmer on wheels” which redefined lawn care for a generation of property owners.  This year, just in time for spring, we’re rolling out new 2015 updates to our 2013-redesigned DR Trimmer/Mowers. Introduced in 1987, the DR Trimmer/Mower was the first gas-powered, wheeled trimmer available to consumers. Combining… Read More

NEW! Trim While you Ride with Tow-Behind Trimmers

This spring, DR is announcing something exciting for large property owners: two brand new Tow-Behind Trimmers. After introducing the 3-Point Hitch Trimmer/Mower last summer, we are now offering even more options for trimming long fence lines, along pond edges, roadside ditches, along walls, and more while you ride comfortably on your towing vehicle. 6.25 Tow-Behind… Read More

Who invented the string trimmer?

Sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it. Such was the case with the invention of the string trimmer. George Ballas was meticulous about lawn care, and was always frustrated about not being able to trim right up close to rocks and fences. In 1971, the Houston, TX man was driving through a carwash when… Read More

The Amazing DR Trimmer Mower

I enjoy doing product reviews on excellent products. Nothing pleases me more than to use a good, well-made tool, one that performs exactly as advertised. And so when I find a tool or device that meets these criteria, I pass on what I have learned to my readers. Anyone who watches television or reads magazines… Read More