Which Tow-Behind String Trimmer is Best for Me?

TB TRM W-TRACTOR 003You may have heard that DR has recently unveiled their new line of tow-behind string trimmers. For those with big properties, long fence lines to maintain, and a preference for towing their machinery instead of pushing it, these are a pretty big deal. But which tow-behind string trimmer is best for you and your property? The line includes three models: the 6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer/Mower for riding lawn mowers, the 7.25 All-Terrain Trimmer/Mower for ATVs, UTVs, and more, and the 3-Point Hitch Trimmer/Mower for utility tractors.

 What kind of terrain?

The 6.25 model is specifically designed for use on areas maintained as a lawn. If you need to trim long fences, along flower bed borders, or around buildings that are located on fairly level ground, this is the model for you. It’s lightweight (85 lbs.), so it won’t harm your lawn. But, its light weight means that it can’t take the bumps and hills of more rugged off-lawn terrain. Slopes and hills on your lawn are OK for this machine, though, as long as they don’t exceed about 20 degrees.

For bumpy, hilly, rocky, or overgrown areas, you’ll want either the 7.25 All-Terrain model or the 3-Point Hitch model. The 7.25 All-Terrain model weighs in at about 300 lbs., so it can handle being towed over really rugged turf. For mowing remote fence lines, around structures, pond edges, roadside ditches, etc., this machine is tops. It tows behind your ATV, UTV, utility tractor, or larger riding lawn tractor, allowing you to get to much more remote areas than the 6.25 model.

What’s your towing vehicle?

If you want to tow behind a riding lawn mower, the 6.25 is for you. Together, these two machines are the perfect match because they allow you to trim while you mow! Mow the lawn and trim weeds and grass from borders, fences, and around gardens in one easy step.

If you want to tow behind an ATV, UTV, or larger riding lawn mower, the 7.25 All-Terrain model is for you. These are vehicles that can handle the same terrain that the trimmer can, including hills, slopes, and bumpy or rocky ground.

If you’d like to use a tow-behind trimmer with your utility tractor, you could choose either the 7.25 All-Terrain model or the 3-Point Hitch model. Because it does not need an engine (it uses the power of your tractor), the 3-Point Hitch model is less expensive. It also allows you to use your tractor’s hydraulics to make adjustments to the cutting height. With the 7.25 All-Terrain model, however, you have the option of towing with other vehicles if you choose, and have a greater offset reach for mowing further outside your tractor’s path.

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