Meet the NEW DR Trimmer Line!

DR Power Equipment invented and popularized the “string trimmer on wheels” which redefined lawn care for a generation of property owners.  This year, just in time for spring, we’re rolling out new 2015 updates to our 2013-redesigned DR Trimmer/Mowers.


Introduced in 1987, the DR Trimmer/Mower was the first gas-powered, wheeled trimmer available to consumers. Combining the best features of a hand-held trimmer and a bladed mower in an easy to use, powerful package, the machine quickly gained popularity among home and property owners who wanted a one-machine solution to their maintenance needs. Since then, more than 500,000 DR Trimmers have been sold in the United States, making it America’s #1 selling trimmer on wheels.

While the core functionality of the machines remains intact, we have been able to capitalize on recent upgrades to our manufacturing facility in Vermont to streamline production, use more common parts among models, and—perhaps most significantly—introduce new lower-priced models that can compete with products offered by much bigger manufacturers.

Company CEO Joseph Perrotto is very optimistic about the new line: “We’re excited to be able to offer a genuine DR Trimmer that meets all our quality standards at a terrific price. Since we back all of our power equipment with a six month product trial, we know how important it is to test and get our products right. These new models are the real deal,” Perrotto says.

The lineup features 4 walk-behind models, starting with the new low-priced Premier model, available with either manual- or electric-starting. Moving up the ladder, the PRO and PRO-XL models all use the same redesigned “offset frame” which is designed to let the operator easily trim right up against foundations, fence lines and other obstacles. The PRO and PRO-XL models feature commercial-grade overhead cam engines renowned for performance and long life, and the Pro-XL is available with a self-propelled drive for the easiest trimming experience! And for large trimming tasks, such as fence lines, roadside ditches, and pond edges, check out the tow-behind DR Trimmer line for easy trimming while you ride!

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