NEW! Trim While you Ride with Tow-Behind Trimmers

TB TRM W-TRACTOR 002This spring, DR is announcing something exciting for large property owners: two brand new Tow-Behind Trimmers. After introducing the 3-Point Hitch Trimmer/Mower last summer, we are now offering even more options for trimming long fence lines, along pond edges, roadside ditches, along walls, and more while you ride comfortably on your towing vehicle.

6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer/Mower

The 6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer Mower tows behind any riding lawn mower – including Z-turns – allowing you to trim along fence lines, garden edges, or walls while mowing the lawn simultaneously. Often the process of caring for a large lawn includes two steps:  mowing the bulk of the lawn with a riding lawn tractor, and then going around the property again on foot to trim weeds and tall grasses with a handheld trimmer. With the new DR 6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer/Mower, you can complete both steps at once, mowing the lawn while trimming those hard-to-reach areas. The machine’s spring-loaded trimmer head deflects automatically around obstacles such as walls, fence posts, mailboxes, and rocks, leaving a neat and even trim within a half-inch of these surfaces.

ATV TRM W-ATV REAR RT 003 7.25 All-Terrain Trimmer/Mower

The 7.25 All-Terrain Trimmer/Mower tows behind an ATV, UTV, larger lawn tractor, or utility tractor. At a hefty 300 lbs., it is designed for mowing particularly rugged terrain. Like the 6.25 model, it features a spring-loaded trimmer head that deflects around obstacles with ease. For mowing remote fence lines, roadside ditches, around structures, and up close to rocks and trees, it is a high-powered yet precise solution.

ft1+3pt+fence+line+trimmer+new_r3-Point Hitch Trimmer/Mower

Introduced last summer, the 3-Point Hitch Trimmer/Mower is the ideal tool for tractor owners with long fence lines, roadside ditches, or pond edges to maintain. Attached to a category 1 utility tractor, it deflects around obstacles and trims heavy weeds and grass while the user rides in comfort.


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