4 Ways a Leaf Vacuum Can Help with Spring Cleanup

The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum in action!Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside the house! After winter has ravaged your lawn, leaving behind leaves, sticks, dead plants, and various other debris, it’ll need some attention before the growing season. A leaf vacuum can be one of the most helpful tools in this process. Here are 5 ways to use your leaf vacuum to your advantage in springtime:

1. Prevent disease.

Old leaves, branches, garden waste, and other debris are a perfect breeding ground for disease after the last frost of the winter. They’re damp, dark, and warm when the sun shines on them, making them ideal homes for diseases and fungi that can harm your plants. Vacuum out any debris that winter has left on your lawn and in your flower beds to minimize the threat of disease to your plants. A walk-behind or towable leaf vacuum is perfect for this task. The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums have optional vacuum hose attachments which allow you to reach between plants, around shrubs, and in other hard-to-reach areas to suck out leaves and other debris.

The DR Self-Propelled, Walk-Behind Leaf and Lawn Vacuum2. Clear debris that blocks new growth.

Lingering leaves, branches, stalks, and other debris can also block new growth in the springtime. It’s difficult for perennials to regrow when they have to fight through layers of other material. Vacuum up these materials as soon as it’s warm and dry enough to do so, and your plants will thank you!

3. Pick up mowing hazards.

Sticks, pinecones, nuts, and other large debris can cause real problems when you go to mow your lawn for the first time. Not only are they annoying to the person mowing, but can be dangerous under the right circumstances. Vacuum up these hazards before you start mowing to ensure easy lawn mowing with a beautiful result. The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums are ideal for this task because they will suck up any such debris, and even have a built-in wood chipper for branches (featured on most tow-behind models and all self-propelled models).

The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum makes, rich, organic mulch.4. Use the mulch on flower beds.

The mulch that is produced by vacuuming up leaves and other debris is great to use as mulch on flower beds, around trees, and under shrubs to prevent weeds and maintain ground moisture. Be sure not to use this mulch if you suspect that it may contain diseases or fungi. If the leaves that you vacuumed were generally dry and healthy-looking, however, this is a great alternative to purchasing new mulch.

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