Battery Tools: The next generation of lawn care.

DR Power’s Battery Powered Lawn Mowers and Yard Tools Have Arrived! 

Let’s face it. The times of relying on gas-powered yard tools are diminishing. Battery powered tools are here to stay.  Not only are they cleaner, lighter and quieter but over time, they will save you money. Now is the time to ditch your gas-powered yard tools.

Say goodbye to the days of oil changes and working with smelly fumes are a thing of the past with DR’s newest line of 62 volt Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools. Our new line includes 3 mowers and 4 yard tools (hedge trimmer, chain saw, blower and string trimmer), batteries and chargers. DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools


DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools




Let’s dive deeper into what DR Power has to offer with this new inventive line of equipment.

DR Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools DR PRO-16 Battery Mower
This mower is light and easy to maneuvert. This 62-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower comes with a 700W brushless motor and packs a run-time of 75 minutes! The DR PRO-16 battery powered mower has a 16″ steel mowing deck. The PRO-16 is perfect for smaller lawns in the range of up to a quarter acre. DR PRO-16 mower includes a bagger that can easily be changed out with a mulching plug, as well as a 2.5 aH Battery and charger.

The best part is it’s QUIET! Are you hesitant to mow your lawn when it’s really early or just before sunset because it might disturb your neighbors?  Not a problem with this mower, they won’t even know its running. Plus, when you’re done mowing this space-saving mower can be stored vertically in your shed and garage. DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools

DR PRO-21 Battery Mower DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools
However if you  need something a little bigger you should check out our DR PRO-21 Battery Mower. This 62-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower is a great replacement for your smelly gas-powered one. The PRO-21 runs on an 830W brushless motor and will cut wider and faster than the PRO-16 with its super strong 21″ steel mowing deck. This 3-1 mower will mulch, bag or side discharge without any extra tools. The PRO-21 comes with a 5.0 aH Battery and charger. The runtime on a single charge is up to 60 minutes. The PRO-21 also features single level height adjustment as well as a fold-down handlebar for easy storage.

DR PRO-21SP Battery Mower

DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools Our third option is the cream of the crop, the DR PRO-21SP Battery Mower. This self-propelled 62-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower gives you even more power with its 1250W brushless motor.  Mowing the lawn has never been easier, starting with just a push of a button! You get to set the pace with its variable speed drive. Not to mention the durable 21″ Steel Deck and the ease of the 3-1 much, bag or side discharge.





DR Battery Powered Yard Tools

Along with our mowers, we’ve also launched 4 brand new battery-powered yard tools!  These tools are powerful and light, making yard work a breeze and quiet! One of the great things about our battery tool system is the battery is interchangeable between multiple tools. You can buy one tool with the battery and buy more of the products without it if you want to use the same battery to run them.

We recommend having two batteries just to double the run-time of your machines. Next, we’ll talk about each of these tools and what they offer.

DR PRO-62V String TrimmerDR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools
Looking for a string trimmer that’s easy to operate? Look no further! The DR PRO-62V String Trimmer is easy to hold, weighs ten pounds and runs for 45 minutes on a single charge on our 2.5 Ah battery. This trimmer cuts 16 inches wide and lets you adjust the power depending on your needs. You won’t even miss your gas-powered trimmer.DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools

DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools

DR PRO-62V Blower
After all that mowing and trimming you’ll be in clean-up mode, our DR PRO-62V Blower will get your grounds cleaned up quickly and quietly. Our blower is MUCH quieter than its gas-powered counterparts.

DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools And its LIGHT so you can run it one-handed. The blower runs up to 45 minutes on our 2.5 Ah battery.

DR PRO-62V Hedge Trimmer
Our DR PRO-62V Hedge Trimmer will make maintaining your hedges and shrubs easy DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools with its 96 scissoring cutting edges. Our hedge trimmer can take on vegetation up to .75″ thick, and its light, as a result you can use it for extended periods. On our 2.5 Ah battery the hedge trimmer can run up to 60 minutes on a single charge.

DR PRO-62V Chainsaw
If you’ve got moreDR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools than just hedges and shrubs to cut, our DR PRO-62V Chainsaw is perfect for cutting smaller branches and the occasional logs up to 12″ in diameter. Our chainsaw comes with a 16″ Oregon Bar & Chain and can make up to 100 4-inch cuts with a single charge on our 2.5 Ah battery. And you can make those cuts with a machine that’s much quieter and lighter than a gas-powered chainsaw.

Now that we’ve covered the options to use one battery for multiple tools; next, let’s get into some of the details of the batteries.

DR LiPRO Lithium Ion Battery

DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools The 2.5 Ah Battery is a Lithium Ion Battery that weighs just 2.8 pounds and is able to hold a charge of up to 75 minutes depending on which tool you are using it for. But if you want to know how much of the battery has been used, you can easily find out with just a push of a button.  An LED light will show you the charge level. You can also charge your phone or other USB devices with a USB port. The 2.5 Ah battery is recommended to be used with our battery powered yard tools and the DR PRO-16 Push Lawn Mower.

DR Battery Powered Mowers and Yard Tools

Now for even more power, DR has the 5.0 Ah Battery, this one weighs 4.5 pounds and can hold a charge of 60 minutes, again depending on which tool you are using it for. The 5.0 comes with 2 USB ports and a folding handle with a built-in flashlight. The 5.0 Ah battery would be best for the DR PRO-21 Push Lawn Mower and the DR PRO-21SP Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. Our mowers come with a battery but having an extra one on hand will make it possible to mow twice as long.

How should you take care of your LiPRO batteries?

  • We recommend keeping your batteries in a temperature-controlled area.  Preferably indoors, extreme heat and cold could impact the life of your battery.
  • If you’ve only used your battery for a few minutes, it is recommended that you don’t recharge the battery until your equipment starts to slow down.
  • When you do charge your battery only keep it on the charger until its fully charged then take it off.

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