Which RapidFire Flywheel Log Splitter is Best for Me?

If you’ve been researching RapidFire Flywheel Log Splitters, you may be wondering how to decide which model is for you. Do the new Premier models, with their attractive prices, have enough power? Do you need the big Pro or Pro-XL models to get your tough jobs done? When you make a purchase from DR, we want you to be sure that you made the best decision for your property and your wallet. So here’s a handy guide to choosing a RapidFire log splitter from all the options:

K22 Premier

The K22 Premier RapidFire models are designed to fit the needs of most homeowners. For those who want to split a season’s worth of firewood fast, the K22 may be all the machine you need. They are a scaled down version of the larger models, so they are easy to maneuver and, with the optional yard tow kit, can be towed around your property. The K22 Premier is the only model that is available with either a gas engine or an electric motor, so you can decide whether you like the flexibility to split anywhere you like (gas engine), or to be able to split indoors or out (plug-in electric motor).

20130719-12711K28 Pro

The K28 Pro RapidFire splitter is identical to the K34 Pro-XL, but it has slightly lower-mass flywheels (two at 55 lbs. each) and a slightly smaller engine. It is the ideal machine for those who have particularly tough logs to split each year, or who split somewhat more wood than average.

K34 Pro-XL

At the top of the line is the K34 Pro-XL. With the largest engine, heaviest flywheels (two at 75 lbs. each), and the ability to out-split any 34-ton hydraulic, this is the machine for those who want maximum power and performance. The engine is commercial-grade and ready for long-term use.

Use this chart to help you decide:


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