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5 Cords in 4-½ hours!
DR Rapidfire K34 Pro-XL log splitter in actionI was surprised at just how fast it [the K34 Pro-XL RapidFire] split the wood. Working by myself, I split over 5 cords of wood in 4 1/2 hours. (That’s 4x4x8 cords too, not face cords.) The wood splitter worked on everything I threw at it and it worked fast. I split some really gnarly Russian Olive…including at the crotch where a limb joined the main trunk, again with no problems. I am very pleased with this purchase and I recommend this splitter to anyone. James R. from Colorado


So fast you wish you had 2 extra guys!

DR Rapidfire K34 Pro-XL Log SplitterThe Pro XL is an amazing wood splitter. It goes so fast that you wish you had two extra guys helping out! You have to remind yourself to slow down and rest. It splits everything with ease, maple, oak, ash. We thought we’d split until the tank ran out of gas, but we got done first! Buy one of these, you’ll never regret it! Richard from Michigan


Buy this Splitter!
DR Rapidfire K28 log splitterI split 4-6 cords of oak, maple, ash, hickory, birch per year and have used a hydraulic splitter for the past 15 years. I was getting tired of how much time it was taking to split wood. After using the K28 for a couple weeks, I am convinced that it is much faster than even a hydraulic splitter with a quad split. Also…It is really fun to use, and I think that is because you are not paced in any way by the splitter. Like the title says, Buy this splitter!!!
Skabo from Connecticut


I won’t be without it, ever!

Dr Rapidfire K22 Flywheel log splitterMost pleasantly surprised when I uncrated this unit [K22 Premier RapidFire]. Was impressed with quality and then when I began to work with the unit—well let’s just say I won’t be without it ever! Thanks. If you don’t have one, get one!! Larry G. from Arkansas

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