How the Steel Work Table Makes Log Splitting So Much Easier

If you’ve checked out the DR RapidFire Log Splitter line lately, you’ve probably noticed that every model is available with or without the optional Steel Work Table. The Steel Work Table makes splitting easier and exponentially more efficient. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever split wood without one!

Here’s how:

Do you usually split your logs more than once to get them the size you like? You probably do. And every time you make a split, the pieces fall to the ground, and you have to stoop down to pick them up, bring them back up to the splitting beam, and split them again. Repeat as necessary. It’s hard on your back, and a waste of your energy to fight with gravity.

With the Steel Work Table, the split pieces stay in your working area, right at the level of the splitting beam. So you make one split, and then simply rearrange the pieces to make your second split. Once they’re the size you like, you can easily slide the pieces off the end of the table and into a pile.

Easy & Efficient:

Think about why you upgraded from swinging a maul to using a mechanized log splitter. Because it’s easier on your back and shoulders, and more efficient, right? Without the Steel Work Table, you’re still doing more work than necessary. In order to make the most of the manpower you have and avoid back pain later, let the Steel Work Table make your job as easy and rewarding as possible.


How to get one:

If you are purchasing a DR RapidFire Log Splitter, choose the “With Steel Work Table” option in the dropdown menu on the product page and one will be shipped to you with your machine. If you already have your DR, you can also purchase the Steel Work Table separately. Be sure to choose the table model that fits your log splitter model:

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