Increasing your Property Value with Landscaping: Part III

The Power of Outdoor Living Spaces


Most realtors agree that outdoor living spaces play a big role in improving property values.  According to a recent survey, over 95% of realtors say that porches, decks, patios, gazebos, and other en plein air seating areas are very popular with home buyers.  Their power is that they make the house feel larger.  Although not part of your actual house, they feel like an extension of your living space.  Whether a simple backyard patio or a state-of-the-art outdoor cooking and entertaining area, they are a  worthwhile addition to your landscape and a great way to add to the “wow” factor of your home.


When planning to build an outdoor living area, think about the bigger picture and the assets that your house and landscape already have.  Do you have a space that has a beautiful view of the mountains that you’d love to show off?  Do you have a cozy area enclosed by privacy hedges?  It usually makes sense for outdoor living spaces to be near a common exit to the house, maybe a back door exit to the backyard, but can also be installed further away from the house if that makes more sense for your property.

Outdoor living areas can be very appealing when they are well-defined, or have boundaries to separate them from thePatio rest of the property.  A stone or brick “floor” can be installed to define a patio area (and make furniture stand more firmly).  A pergola is an excellent way to show off an outdoor dining area.  Low stone walls are a bit more work to install, but can also be an attractive way to define a space.

Remember that carting materials for installing a stone or brick patio can be a hassle and cause serious strain to your body.  Check out the DR PowerWagon for easily hauling materials to and from the work site.  The Premier model is even great for mixing cement!

Looking for more tips for increasing your property value with landscaping?  See Part I and Part II of the series!

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