Increasing your Property Value with Landscaping: Part II

19% Value Increase? Here’s How.


By some estimates, having mature trees and shrubs on your property can increase your property value up to 19%.  And 19% is nothing to sneeze at, which is why it is the topic of the second part of our three-part series on increasing your property value with landscaping.  And even if you’re not planning on selling your home, mature trees are a beautiful addition to any property.

Mature trees and large shrubs are a great way to amp up your home’s curb appeal, leaving an impression before anyone even sets foot inside the house.  Because plantings can take seven years to mature (or much longer, depending on the species), it is important to plan ahead and think about your landscaping efforts in advance.  If your property is pretty bare, or only has low flower beds, consider planting some trees and large shrubs to increase its future appeal.

What kind of trees should I plant?  And where?


The species of tree that you choose will depend largely on your climate, surrounding landscaping efforts, and personal preference.  Common backyard tree species include maple, poplar, oak, flowering dogwood, American elm, sycamore, and birch.  Think about how much space the species you choose will take up, how much maintenance it would require (Does it shed a lot of leaves, flowers, or nuts that would need cleaning up?  Will it need regular pruning?), how well it is suited to your climate, and how well it fulfills its purpose (shade, privacy, or maybe just appearance).

Location is also an important consideration.  Think about how tall your tree will get and whether it will interfere with power lines or grow over your roof, which could be a hazard in the event of a storm.  Roots an be a problem if they are too close to driveways as well, causing pavement to buckle and need costly repairs.  Also, learn how to fit trees and shrubs into your overall landscaping design.

If you are planning on planting a number of trees, it may be worth an investment in the right tool for the job, the DR Towable Backhoe for digging in just the right place.  And be prepared for yard clean-up from leaves, nuts, sticks, and other droppings with a DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum, the easiest way to keep your lawn looking pristine year around.  The walk-behind models are great for smaller properties, and if you need some big clean-up power, check out the tow-behind models.

Looking for more tips for increasing your property value with landscaping?  See Part I and Part III of the series!

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