A Piece of DR History!

DRFAB3 DR Field and Brush Mowers have been around for quite a while — since the late 1980’s, as a matter of fact.  And if you own one, you know that they’re built to last.  Last week, an interesting piece of DR history came into the service area and proved just how long-lasting they are.  An original 1989 Field and Brush Mower that had previously belonged to DR founder Dick Raymond was brought in for service by its current owner.  Not only does the mower still work, it’s in fantastic condition!  With its original engine, deck, frame, and blade, it still mows down weeds and brush like a pro.


There’s a lot that’s different about the original DR from the current models.  The originals had big wheels with spokes, while we now use sealant-filled lugged tires.  The older models also were designed such that the blade spun counter-clockwise and debris was discharged to the left.  Now, the blades spin clockwise and discharge debris to the right.  Older models also weren’t equipped with operator-presence safety switches — a requirement for power equipment today — that only allow the engine to run when an operator is at the helm.

Dennis, a DR Service Technician, says that it’s pretty common for older Field and Brush Mowers to come in for routine service.  Though finding parts is sometimes a challenge, they are almost always in great condition and only in need of oil changes, belt replacements, or installation of current safety features.  Original DR Trimmer/Mowers are common as well.  DRs are built to last, even 25 years or more!

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