The All New DR Powerwagon in action

All New DR Powerwagon

For over 30 years, we at DR Power Equipment have been building products to help you take care of your property with ease. The DR Powerwagon has been an integral part of this over the years.  A reliable self-propelled hauler with go-anywhere mobility. The Powerwagon allows you to move heavy loads of just about anything.… Read More

DR Power - The BurnCage in Action

HOT! DR’s New BurnCage MAX

If you’ve ever burned using a 55 gallon steel barrel, you’ve probably run into some problems. There’s little to no circulation, preventing the debris from burning completely and allowing it to  smolder. With embers flying everywhere, there’s always a danger of igniting surrounding combustibles like barns, houses, or fields. Steel barrels are heavy and cumbersome… Read More