All New DR Powerwagon

The All New DR Powerwagon in actionFor over 30 years, we at DR Power Equipment have been building products to help you take care of your property with ease. The DR Powerwagon has been an integral part of this over the years.  A reliable self-propelled hauler with go-anywhere mobility. The Powerwagon allows you to move heavy loads of just about anything. A true staple on country properties everywhere.

The DR Powerwagon and Customer Feedback

We redesigned the DR Powerwagon using our customer’s suggestions and feedback therefore making them more versatile and more powerful. Thanks to a lot of great feedback, we also added many new options.

MUCH More Maneuverable than ANY Trailer!

With four wheels (the two rear wheels rotate 360 degrees), and a shorter length, this Powerwagon is easier to maneuver, takes up less space, and is more stable than ever. The shorter overall length simplifies and strengthens the machine frame, leading to a stronger, more robust, longer lasting design. With narrower tires that improve traction and a heavy duty “ATV style” skid plate that protects the transaxle and engine from ground obstacles, it can go just about anywhere.

Versatile Cargo BedThe New DR Powerwagon Flatbed Option

Most notably, the cargo bed is all new. It is lightweight but virtually indestructible. Increased volume allows for larger loads and makes for fewer trips on your projects. The Powerwagon holds up to 8 cubic feet or 800 lbs. With a removable tailgate, longer loads can be accommodated. Our flatbed kit lets you convert the Powerwagon to a flatbed in less than ten minutes. The flatbed is ideal for carrying long or stackable loads like lumber, feed bags, cinderblock, furniture,  you name it! (The flatbed is included with the Pro-XL, and is an available option for Premier and Pro models.)

Integrated Latch and Lift Handle

The cargo bed is easier to empty. An integrated latch and lift handle allows you to lift and dump even heavy loads with just one hand. Our Pro-XL model features a push-button powered dumping mechanism that tilts the cargo bed to a steep 60 degree angle, emptying the bed thoroughly, and minimizing the need to rake out materials.

The redesigned Powerwagon is available at dramatically lower prices and with three models available, there’s a Powerwagon perfect for your property!

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