Introducing the NEW DR Pilot Leaf Vac!

The new DR PILOT Leaf and Lawn VacuumWe are thrilled to announce—just in time for fall leaf season—an all-new model DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum. The DR PILOT™ Leaf and Lawn Vacuum, now available at our lowest price ever $999.99!

DR PILOT™ Features

The PILOT™ model features all the same industry-leading vacuum power as our current machines (the PREMIER, PRO and PRO-XL models), but with a simplified collector and chassis that allowed us to reduce the cost of materials…and reduce our price to you!

But, rest assured, this is no watered down leaf vacuum. The key to any vacuum is, of course, vacuum power. And for pure suction and pickup, the PILOT is every bit as good as any of its bigger brothers. It differs from the other DR models in two primary ways:

First, the PILOT’s collector uses buckled cloth closures in the rear. When it’s time to unload, simply unfasten a few buckles, unlatch the lift handle, and lift the front of the collector. With a 55-degree dump angle, the reservoir will empty cleanly every time. Unloading is a slightly more manual process than with our other models (all of which feature our clamshell design, with one-handed dumping), but the collector is very well balanced and most customers will have no trouble with emptying.

Second, the PILOT’s underlying trailer is a flatbed (the other models feature a 3-sided cart). With the engine removed (it rolls away in its built in trolley), you can tow the flatbed trailer with your riding mower or ATV and use it for all sorts of hauling chores around your property. It’s particularly well suited to stackable and tie-down items. Whichever trailer style you prefer, our DR Leaf Vacuums are designed for year-round utility!

The new DR PILOT Leaf and Lawn VacuumLike the PREMIER, the PILOT will collect up to 200 gallons of leaves, grass clippings, or other lawn debris before you need to unload. If you have a larger property and need more capacity, you can always step up to one of our PRO or PRO-XL models.

So, if you’re one of those “hate to rake” people, give one of these Vacs a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but a few autumn weekends full of drudgery!

DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums

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