The Best Generator for Tailgating

Portable generators solve a lot of problems that homeowners have — from powering all the essentials when the electricity goes out to letting you use your power tools beyond the reach of an extension cord. But there’s another — more fun! — way that you can use your portable generator, too. Generators are great for tailgating! Get the most out of your tailgating experience by powering your electronics with a portable generator. All the comforts of home, wherever you’re celebrating!

Tailgating presents some unique challenges for powering everything you need. While your grill is probably powered by gas or charcoal, what about your television for taking in all the pre-game excitement? Or your computer for keeping up-to-date with scores and commentary? Or charging your smart devices to keep the fantasy football fun going? Do you like to enjoy homemade chili on game day? You’ll need a crock pot for that.

These are the most important features to look for when choosing a generator to use for tailgating:

  • Quiet. Don’t want to drown out the sound of the action!
  • Powerful. Keep the crock pot cooking, blender running and smart devices charging.
  • Compact. Space is at a premium when tailgating.

We recommend an inverter generator for all your tailgating needs. Inverter generators are lighter and quieter than their traditional counterparts, and just as powerful! Because inverter generators only produce as much power as is needed for the electronics plugged into them, they are uniquely quiet and efficient. Perfect for when you’re tailgating in close proximity to neighbors!

Learn more about how they work here:


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