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Rusty Burn Barrels are an eysoreIf you’ve ever burned using a 55 gallon steel barrel, you’ve probably run into some problems. There’s little to no circulation, preventing the debris from burning completely and allowing it to  smolder. With embers flying everywhere, there’s always a danger of igniting surrounding combustibles like barns, houses, or fields. Steel barrels are heavy and cumbersome to move. They rust and become a dangerous eyesore. Introducing… The BurnCage MAX!

Burn SafelyDR Power - The BurnCage in Action

The BurnCage offers a safe, clean alternative way to dispose of your combustible yard and household waste. The BurnCage’s perforated lid and sidewalls maximize airflow and trap embers. This innovative design creates a high burn temperature in excess of 1600 degrees. Material is incinerated at high temperature with little residue, less smoke and ash. The BurnCage is made of high quality 439 stainless steel which is used in oxidizing environments where corrosion resistance is required.

The New BurnCage Max

DR Power's NEW BurnCage MAXThere are now three sizes of BurnCage to choose from; The Original BurnCage, BurnCage XL, and the NEW BurnCage Max. All three BurCage models hold more than a 55 gallon steel barrel. The new BurnCage Max is twice the size of the original and holds 118% more than a 55 gallon steel barrel.  With three sizes, there is a BurnCage that will fit any household’s needs.

Burn with peace of mind, knowing the BurnCage is the safest way to dispose of personal documents and yard waste.




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