Snow blower vs. Plow

It’s well into snow season up here in Vermont, but other parts of the country may be just gearing up for the fluffy stuff. If you don’t already have a means of clearing snow on your property, especially on long driveways and roads, you may be considering either a snow blower or a plow. If… Read More

What’s the difference between single-stage and two-stage snow blowers?

If you’re considering ditching the shovel this season and switching to a snow blower, you’ve probably pondered the difference between the single-stage snow blower and the two-stage snow blower. What’s the difference? And how do you know which one is best for you? And what’s all this ‘snow thrower’ business? Here’s the dirt: Single-stage or… Read More

Is Heating with Wood Cheaper than Oil?

For many rural homestead-dwellers, keeping warm in the winter can pose a bit of a problem.  Living away from the hubbub of the city means you are closer to nature, but likely too far away from natural gas pipelines to be able to heat with natural gas.  Thus, the heat fuel options are either having heating… Read More