Snow blower vs. Plow

SnowingIt’s well into snow season up here in Vermont, but other parts of the country may be just gearing up for the fluffy stuff. If you don’t already have a means of clearing snow on your property, especially on long driveways and roads, you may be considering either a snow blower or a plow. If you have a DR Field and Brush Mower, you may be considering adding either the Grader/Snow Blade or Snow Thrower Attachment to make it a true 4-season workhorse. So, which is better for your conditions? Snowblower or plow?

 How long is your driveway?

In general, snow blowers and snow throwers are best suited to shorter, flatter driveways, while a plow will be much easier for longer driveways and roads. A good rule of thumb is that a snow blower is best for stretches of 100 yards or less, while you’ll be better off with a plow with anything longer than that. It largely depends on your physical capabilities, though, and how much walking and pushing you’re willing to do. A snow blower is handy for walkways and narrow paths as well, areas that a plow couldn’t touch.

Fluffy or icy?

If your area gets more fluffy, loose snow, then a snow blower will easily be able to do the job. If it’s more icy, though, you may need a plow to break through. Most snow blowers will struggle to get through hard-packed ice, especially the tough snow that municipal snow plows often deposit at the ends of driveways. Many DR Field and Brush Mower owners own both the Snow Thrower Attachment and the Grader/Snow Blade Attachment to accommodate both types of snowfall.


Paved or gravel?

Snow plows are great on paved surfaces, but they can cause damage to gravel roads. Come spring, you may find that your gravel has wandered off the road and onto the adjacent lawn. Snow blowers can handle either surface, but may need skid shoes to be used most efficiently on gravel surfaces.



If you think a plow is right for your property, check out the DR Redi-Plow, a lightweight, easy-to-use plow designed for homeowners.


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