Is Heating with Wood Cheaper than Oil?

For many rural homestead-dwellers, keeping warm in the winter can pose a bit of a problem.  Living away from the hubbub of the city means you are closer to nature, but likely too far away from natural gas pipelines to be able to heat with natural gas.  Thus, the heat fuel options are either having heating… Read More

Why Heat With Wood?

There are a lot of options for heating your home in the wintertime: oil, propane, electricity, et cetera.  And there’s always those old wool sweaters in the back of your closet, although I wouldn’t rely on them for a Vermont winter!  One option that many people choose is heating with wood, either in a wood… Read More

Wood Fired Pizza and the DR RapidFire

Most people use their log splitters for heating their homes in the wintertime and maybe having a bonfire or two in the summertime.  The folks over at Folino’s Pizza in Shelburne, Vermont use their DR RapidFire log splitter for something else entirely: making delicious wood fired pizza year ’round.  We visited them to see what… Read More

RapidFire Challenge!

When we visited Folino’s Wood Fired Pizza to see how they use their DR RapidFire log splitter to make delicious wood fired pizza, owner and head log splitter Buddy Koerner talked about how impressed he was with the speed of the RapidFire.  We challenged him to see how fast he could split a log into… Read More

What is a Kinetic Log Splitter?

The DR RapidFire Log Splitter is what’s known as a “kinetic log splitter” or a “kinetic splitter”.  That means that it works completely differently from most log splitters out there.  Most log splitters are hydraulic, which means that the engine pushes oil into a hydraulic cylinder and the pressure of that oil pushes the ram… Read More