OHC vs. OHV Engines

When you’re shopping for power equipment, you’ll often see companies tout their OHC or OHV engines.  “What’s the difference?” you may have wondered?  What about these “flathead” engines that you also hear about? Here’s the skinny: Flathead Engines Flathead engines, also known as L-head engines or L-block engines, are the most simplistic type of small… Read More

What is the Difference Between the Multi-Purpose and Heavy-Duty Brush Blades?

If you own a DR Field and Brush Mower, you’ve probably noticed that we offer two different brush mower blades: the Multi-Purpose Blade and the Heavy-Duty Blade.  So, what is the difference between the Multi-Purpose and Heavy-Duty brush blades?  The Multi-Purpose blade will get you through most stuff — 8-foot tall brush, 3-inch thick saplings,… Read More

Know Your Trimmer Cord!

If you have a DR Trimmer Mower, you’ve probably noticed that DR Cutting Cord is a little different than run-of-the-mill department store string trimmer string.  That’s because we took over 15 years to develop a superior quality trimmer cord that would last longer, cut more, and be easier to install than other “bargain” brands.  We… Read More