OHC vs. OHV Engines

When you’re shopping for power equipment, you’ll often see companies tout their OHC or OHV engines.  “What’s the difference?” you may have wondered?  What about these “flathead” engines that you also hear about? Here’s the skinny: Flathead Engines Flathead engines, also known as L-head engines or L-block engines, are the most simplistic type of small… Read More

Wild Parsnip: Identification and Control

Wild parsnip (also known as also known as giant hogweed, cartwheel-flower, wild parsnip, wild rhubarb, giant cow parsnip, or giant cow parsley)  is present in almost every state in the US and throughout much of Canada.  This pesky weed is not only very harmful to humans and animals, but also invasive and quick-spreading.  So, how do you identify wild parsnip and, more importantly, how can… Read More

Engineering the DR Trimmer Mower

Several decades ago, DR was the first company to engineer a walk-behind trimmer on wheels — the DR Trimmer Mower.  Today, five DR Trimmer Mower generations later, we still put the same level of care into engineering and building these innovative machines.  We caught up with DR Trimmer Mower engineer Erin L. to talk about… Read More

Is a DR Trimmer Mower Right For Me?

If you’re considering a DR Trimmer Mower, you probably have already noticed weeds, tall grasses, and tangled brush growing up around your property.  Maybe you’ve been handling it with a hand-held string trimmer, and are tired of the back and arm strain they cause.  Or maybe you’re wondering if a string trimmer can even handle… Read More

What is Tree Girdling?

Trees are precious assets to your landscape, and if you are lucky enough to have healthy, beautiful trees on your property, you’ll want to take care to protect them as best you can.  If you use a string trimmer such as the DR Trimmer Mower to trim around your property, you may have noticed that… Read More