Is a DR Field and Brush Mower Right for Me?

FAB5When considering ways to take care of your overgrown weeds and brush, you want to know not only the features and specs of any specific brush mower or brush cutter, but also whether buying one is the best option for you.  There are other ways you could go – hiring the work out or renting the machine a few times a year, for example – and you owe it to yourself to consider your particular needs and the costs of each option before making a decision.

Whatchya cuttin’?

If you’re cutting non-woody weeds and tall grass, you might not even need a brush mower.  For this type of relatively light task, especially for smaller properties, consider the less expensive and more maneuverable DR Trimmer/Mower.  However, if you have woody brush, saplings, and heavy weed cover, you know you’re in brush mower territory.

How much land and how often?

If you know that the overgrowth you have requires a brush mower, the most important thing to consider is how much land you need cleared and how often it will need mowing.  Brush mowing services typically charge anywhere from $35 to $200 per acre, or $80 to $100 per hour of work.  A lot depends on the roughness of the terrain, heaviness of the brush cover, and where in the country you are located.  Renting a machine to use yourself can run as much as $200 a day, depending on the type of machine and, again, your location.  At those prices – multiplied by several visits per year – your cost could easily add up to the price of purchasing your own DR Field and Brush Mower.


Put simply, the more often you need to mow, the more sense it makes to own your own machine and do the work yourself.  Plus, with your own machine you can do the work whenever you’d like, instead of getting it done on someone else’s schedule.

For relatively small spaces, self-propelled DR Field and Brush Mowers are ideal.  The exact size area really depends on the user, and how much mowing they can handle.  Even the most affordable walk-behind DR Field and Brush Mowers are self-propelled, though, so no matter what model you choose, the workload is manageable for most people.  For bigger spaces, the tow-behind Field and Brush Mower is a better choice.  Customers have reported doing spaces as large as 20 acres with the tow-behind machines, saving them hours of work on their feet.

What kind of terrain?

Brush cutting services will generally charge more for rough, hilly terrain than for flat, open spaces.  If you opt for hiring the work out, be sure to be accurate with the service about the type of terrain you have to avoid any surprises on your bill.  If you’re considering purchasing a DR Field and Brush Mower, remember that some models have a splash lubrication system and others have a full pressure pump system.  Whether you choose a self-propelled or a tow-behind model, those with a splash lubrication system are going to be better for flatter areas, while the full pressure pumps are better suited to hillier, rougher terrain.

Keeping the above in mind, you should be able to make a sensible decision about how to take care of your brush mowing needs.  If you’re considering purchasing a DR Field and Brush Mower, remember that every one of our machines comes with our 6 Month Hands-On Trial.  Try a brush mower out on your property for a full 6 months and if you decide it’s not the right machine for you, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.

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