Wild Parsnip: Identification and Control

Wild parsnip (also known as also known as giant hogweed, cartwheel-flower, wild parsnip, wild rhubarb, giant cow parsnip, or giant cow parsley)  is present in almost every state in the US and throughout much of Canada.  This pesky weed is not only very harmful to humans and animals, but also invasive and quick-spreading.  So, how do you identify wild parsnip and, more importantly, how can… Read More

What is the Difference Between the Multi-Purpose and Heavy-Duty Brush Blades?

If you own a DR Field and Brush Mower, you’ve probably noticed that we offer two different brush mower blades: the Multi-Purpose Blade and the Heavy-Duty Blade.  So, what is the difference between the Multi-Purpose and Heavy-Duty brush blades?  The Multi-Purpose blade will get you through most stuff — 8-foot tall brush, 3-inch thick saplings,… Read More