Bird - Goldfinch

Feeding Birds is Fun!

Feeding birds is fun! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of spotting a new or rare bird, perched at the feeder. Bird feeding also helps sustain our feathered friends when snow and ice may make foraging impossible.  If you are a novice to bird feeding, you may want to get a book, such as A… Read More

Market Farming and True Love

It started with a little land and turned into a lot of living. Have you ever dreamed of quitting your city job, moving to a rural area, growing a big garden, heating with wood, raising chickens, and making a living in the country? Steven and Karen Trubitt dreamed it…then they did it. And they’re making… Read More

Cleaning Gutter

Get Your Mind in the Gutter!

Avoid costly damage with a quick cleaning of your gutters. Once the autumn leaves have fallen don’t forget to check your gutters. If you haven’t checked them in a while you’ll find that they might be growing moss or even grass. At the very least, they’ll probably be full of leaves that in time can block… Read More

Maintenance How-To: DR Trimmer/Mower

DR Trimmer/Mower maintenance is easy!  DR has made maintenance simple with these helpful how-to videos.  And if you’re in need of supplies, our Maintenance Kits have everything you need, all in one convenient package.  Have another maintenance question?  Ask it in the comments section! Change your oil   Adjust the head tension.   Adjust the wheel clutch (self-propelled… Read More