Just Say “Dee-Ahr”: How DR Power Equipment Got its Name

Dick RaymondCan you say “DR Power Equipment?” Many people think the “DR” means “Doctor” and call us “Doctor Power.” Maybe it’s time we cleared things up.

“DR” stands for Dick Raymond, one of the founders of DR Power Equipment. You may know Dick from his classic “Joy of Gardening” book and TV series that were produced at his Test Gardens near our Vermont Factory. We know him as something of a “country living genius” when it comes to developing hardworking, tough-as-nails outdoor power equipment.

Our brand name is “DR” but those two letters have taken on a new meaning around here. Some of the boys in the shop started saying, “DR means Done Right” years ago and it stuck.

So it’s really very simple: When you think of DR Power Equipment, Think “DR means DONE RIGHT.” And when you say “DR Power,” just say “Dee-Ahr.”

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