You Can Do Better than a Burn Barrel!

Burn-BarrelBurning in the backyard can be an effective way to get rid of yard waste and certain household waste.  Those stacks of bank statements and other documents?  Incinerate them to ensure your privacy.  Old newspapers and cardboard?  Burn them to free up space.  Piles of twigs and leaves?  Throw them into the fire to clean up the yard.  If you’ve used a burn barrel for things like this, you know their common problems:

      • Poor circulation won’t allow debris to burn completely
      • Hazardous flying embers
      • They’re cumbersome to move
      • Barrels rust and become real eyesores!

A hands-down better and — more importantly — safer solution is the DR BurnCage.  The BurnCage contains all your burnables in a stainless steel cage with perforated sides and lid.  The holes allow for maximum airflow, which makes fires easy to light and ensures they stay lit.

20131015-_MG_9705More oxygen flowing to the fire also means that fires burn hotter — as hot as 1,600 degrees — which creates fewer ashes and less residue.  And because it is enclosed on all sides, there are no flying embers to threaten spreading the fire to your house, barn, or trees.  The BurnCage resists rust and corrosion and collapses easily for easy storage.  No more looking at unsightly burn barrels!

The most important thing to remember when burning in your backyard is safety.  The last thing you want is fire spreading to your lawn or house.

Firstly, always check with your local government to ensure that burning on your property is legal and if you need a permit.  If you’re in the clear, check on local regulations regarding how far away from trees and structures you need to be, as well as what materials are legal to burn and which are prohibited. Then, follow the easy instructions in your BurnCage and watch your burnable waste disappear!

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