The Toughest Weeds in America!

What exactly can a DR Trimmer or Field and Brush Mower cut?


Each year we hear from hundreds of folks  from all across the country who want to let us know about the tough weeds they’ve been tackling with their DRs.  At the same time we receive even more letters and calls from people who are interested in purchasing a DR Trimmer/Mower or a DR Field and Brush Mower but they’re unsure if our machine can handle the mowing job they have in mind.  Whether it’s kudzu in the deep South, fireweed in the Northwest, milkweed in the Plain States, or musk thistle in the Northeast, many prospective DR owners want to know exactly what our machines can cut before placing their order.

In order to prepare our Customer Service Representatives for these important questions, we’ve compiled a reference guide to some of the most common weeds that DR owners have cut well with our products.  We’ve compiled this guide based on our own experience using and testing our machines, and with the help of thousands of DR owners from every state in the country.  Now, when someone calls wanting to know if the DR Field and Brush Mower can mow down 8-foot tall giant burdock, for example, our representatives can quickly check the reference guide for the answer.  Not surprisingly, there are hundreds of weeds on the list.  Although we can’t list them all here, we’ve compiled a list of the more common weeds that pose a problem to country property owners across the US.

It’s important to note that many of the plants listed here may not be considered a “weed” in some parts of the country or by some people.  In fact, some of the plants we’ve listed may be classified as herbs, forage crops, wildflowers, or ornamental plants that you might even find for sale or in seed catalogs, nurseries, or greenhouses.  For our purposes, we consider a weed to be most any plant that’s growing where it’s not wanted.

If you own a DR Trimmer/Mower or a DR Field and Brush Mower, it’s likely that you’ve tackled a few of these weeds.  But if you don’t own one of these DRs, and you have any of these weeds on your property that you’d like to get under control, be assured that a DR machine can get the job DONE RIGHT.


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