DR’s NEW 3 Point Hitch Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter Models

DR's new 3 Point Hitch Horizontal-Vertical Log SplitterHere at DR Power, we love hearing from our customers. We value your feedback and use it to improve and expand our lineups.  We heard what you had to say and are proud to announce the addition of two new 3 Point Hitch Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitters to our ever growing lineup!

Easy to UseDR's new 3-Point Hitch Log Splitter

The 3 Point Hitch Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter operates just as easily as the rest of our Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter line up, but without the engine to worry about.  Connected to a category one tractor, there isn’t much you won’t be able to split. Quick-connect hydraulic couplings let you hook up to your tractor quickly and easily, without messy fluid spills to deal with. Everything stays nicely contained. The 3 Point Hitch Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter is easy to operate with intuitive controls. Anyone can use it (after reading the instructions, of course). You won’t have to struggle, breaking your back, to get huge, heavy logs up onto the cradle; just place the beam in the vertical position, walk your heavy log under the ram and you’re ready to go!  When you’re done with the big ones, just tilt the beam back to the horizontal position and continue splitting. With two models available, 22 ton and 34 ton, you can choose the best fit for your splitting needs!

Easy to Store

Another great feature is how nicely it stores. The stand allows for the legs to be shortened for transit and storage. This makes a very stable base while in storage and even allows the splitter to be more compact than our current engine drive splitters.

Overall, the 3 Point Hitch Vertical-Horizontal Splitter is a solid workhorse of a machine that is ready to take on all the seemingly unsplittable logs at the bottom of your woodpile! We hope you love it as much as we do!

NEW DR Power 3 Point Hitch Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter

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