What can I grade with the DR Power Grader?

featureIf you’ve been considering purchasing a DR Power Grader, you may be wondering what types of materials you can grade with it. Will it work on your particular driveway or country road? What about other types of projects?

The DR Power Grader will grade any loose, spreadable material. It is most commonly used for gravel, dirt, and sand surfaces. Obviously, its most common use is for long driveways and roads. But it is a great tool for other special projects as well, such as maintaining gravel parking lots, smoothing out gravel trails and walkways, keeping horse arenas footings in top condition, maintaining baseball infields, and leveling out the soil in a yard before planting a new lawn.

PGR0074For particularly fine materials, such as dirt or sand, we recommend using the optional Drag Screen with your DR Power Grader. The drag screen – a flexible mesh screen that is pulled behind the grader itself – further breaks down small clumps and bumps, leaving a truly professional finish.

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