Better than a burn barrel? Jay reviews the DR BurnCage

Burn CageBurning in your backyard can be a great way to get rid of yard waste, paper, feed bags, sensitive financial or medical documents, and some household waste. It’s quick, easy, and low-cost (as long as you do it safely). But if you’re using a burn barrel to do your backyard burning, you’re making this task much more time-consuming and difficult than it needs to be. The BurnCage is an innovative way of burning that increases airflow, keeps embers from flying, and allows you to burn more safely and more efficiently than you ever could with a rusty old burn barrel.

Our friend Jay has had a BurnCage for several years, and he is very impressed by how well it works for his burning needs. Instead of taking a multitude of trips to the recycling plant and packaging everything to their standards, he burns right in his backyard with the BurnCage. It has saved him tons of time and energy. See what he has to say about his BurnCage:

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