14-Day Composting with a DR Chipper / Shredder


If you’re a gardener, you probably know all about the benefits of using compost in your garden.  It gives nutrients back to your soil, allows the soil to retain more moisture, improves the structure of the soil, and more.  It’s just darned good stuff!  But how do you make it?  And how do you use it once you’ve made it?  Composting with a shredder makes both of these things easy, by pre-digesting your compostable materials so that they break down into compost faster than you ever thought possible.

Compost the FAST Way!

If you compost currently, you may be content to put all your compostable materials in a pile and wait until they decompose enough to use in the garden.  This works great for small home gardens, because you can let all your banana peels, egg shells, grass clippings, and weeds decompose until they are humus (organic material that’s in its most broken-down form), and then till it into your garden.  The downside is the wait time.  It can take years for compostable materials to become humus and be usable in your garden.

A faster method, or a method for if you don’t have a compost pile (or don’t want a compost pile, because let’s face it, they’re pretty smelly and none too attractive), is to use a Chipper/Shredder.  A Chipper/Shredder is the best way to transform your compostable materials into compost fast.  Shredded material can turn into compost in as little as 14 days — fast enough that it can go right from the shredder to the garden, without stopping in a smelly compost pile.

CompostReady to Spread


Weeds from last year’s garden, grass clippings, kitchen waste, and leaves can all go through your Chipper/Shredder and will come out pulverized and mashed so much that they will decompose at an accelerated rate (see image at left).  You can even choose how small you want your shredded material to come out with DR’s Shred Screens; choose the bigger screen for making mulch, or the smallest screens for creating ready-to-compost material.  The shredded material will turn into humus in just 14 days — quick enough that you can spread the material from the shredder directly on your garden — or till it in — and let it decompose in there.  This is why, if you have a lot of shreddable material and don’t want to let it all fester in a big compost pile for years and years, putting it through a Chipper/Shredder will get you the compost you need faster than ever.  Plus, the Chipper/Shredder also has a chipper with a separate hopper and chipping mechanism.  This means that you can also take care of branches, fallen limbs, and twigs and use the wood chips for garden mulch.  It’s a win/win!

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