Wheelbarrow, ATV Trailer, or Powered Hauler: A Guide to Hauling

Whether you’re embarking on a big construction project, doing yearly spring yard work, or harvesting your own firewood every year, transporting materials from one place to another can be a big hassle. And a big strain on your body if you don’t use the right tool. A wheelbarrow is great for small loads on flat ground, but carrying 400 lbs. of stone for the patio you’re building? Forget about it! Hauling a week’s worth of firewood to your wood furnace? It’ll take a while! Use the chart below to match your hauling tasks to the perfect tool. Save your back, stop avoiding the most daunting tasks, and get the job done fast!

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 Types of Haulers

The standard wheelbarrow or garden cart is good for small, lightweight loads when you don’t need to go over hilly or uneven terrain. Taking a pile of garden waste to the compost pile? Your trusty wheelbarrow will get the job done. For heavier loads or for transporting over rougher terrain, though, the wheelbarrow will almost always fall short.


A powered walk-behind hauler is a perfect tool for many homeowners. With a mounted engine, agricultural grade tires, and easy steering capabilities, these models can handle up to 800 lbs. and cover almost any type of terrain. They pack all the muscle, all you have to do is steer. Check out the DR Powerwagon Premier model and Pro model for professional-quality powered hauling.

VERSA TRAILER W_MODEL 087For your biggest, heaviest loads, you’ll want a tow-behind trailer for your ATV, UTV, tractor, or truck. These come in many different configurations and materials. We recommend galvanized steel because it lasts the longest and resists rust and dents the best. The DR Versa-Trailer, for example, can even be stored outdoors without risk of damage. Haul up to 1,000 lbs. with the 1/2-Ton model and as much as 2,000 lbs. with the 1-Ton model. The 1-Ton model comes equipped with a winch-assisted boom lift for loading and unloading rocks, logs, and more. Both convert to a stake bed for longer loads, such as timber or lumber.



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