How to Use Your Leaf Vacuum In All 4 Seasons

When you think of a leaf vacuum, you may think that it’s the type of tool that you’d use in the fall when the leaves clutter up the yard, but would sit in storage for the rest of the year. Well, have we got news for you! The new DR Leaf and Lawn Vacs solve this problem with innovative design. These machines are versatile enough that you can use them in all 4 seasons, minimizing the time they spend in storage and maximizing their value.

Spring Cleaning5B5A9399

Just about every property owner knows that spring brings with it more than rain showers and tulips. It also brings loads of debris that clutters the lawn. Leaves, twigs, nuts, and more are often an eyesore come March or April. But how to clean them up? A leaf vacuum is the ideal tool for this project. One quick pass with a leaf vacuum and your yard will be pristine and ready for anything!

Spring is often also the time for planting and landscaping projects. For these, too, the leaf vacuum can be your ally. Remove the collector top and power unit, and use the utility trailer for transporting rocks, logs, plants, bags of topsoil, hay bales and more. The Premier model carries up to 500 lbs., while the Pro and Pro-XL models carry an impressive 800 lbs.

5B5A9501Summer Mowing

For large lawns, a leaf vacuum is the perfect compliment to your riding lawn mower. It functions as a high-capacity bagger, collecting all your grass clippings – along with any rogue debris. The result is a freshly-cut, pristine lawn that you can be proud of! And with such a large collection capacity (as many as 321 gallons), you spend more time mowing, and less time emptying.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up

5B5A9112And, of course, fall is when the leaf vacuum really shines. A quick spin around the yard cleans up fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris, shredding it to a fine mulch. Unloading is quick and easy – you can unload at full capacity and be back to work in less than 60 seconds. But what about areas where your riding lawn mower can’t go? What about up close to shrubs and plants and in various nooks and crannies? Add the optional Vacuum Hose to suck up leaves wherever they try to hide!

DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums

IMG_0056Fall is also a great time to use the utility trailer for hauling wood for your wood stove. Split wood can be brought from your splitting site to the stacking spot, and from the stack to the house as needed. The collector top and power unit can be removed or reattached quickly and easily, so transitioning between the leaf vacuum and utility trailer is never a hassle.

Winter Projects

Depending on your climate, the leaf vacuum may even be useful in the winter. Unless you are buried under a blanket of snow, use the utility trailer for any lingering projects, and for bringing in fire wood as needed!



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