The Ultimate Brush Mowing Test!

Brush mowers and brush hogs are the ideal tools for mowing down thick brush and weeds such as buckthorn, kudzu, sumac, and sagebrush. For many brush mowing projects, though, not all machines are up to the task. Some of the common problems with walk-behind brush cutters include:

  • Cut materials that become jammed under the deck
  • Flexible weeds that wrap around the blade spindle
  • Slowed blades and even stalled engines as a result

After much research into these problems, DR developed a brush mower with a larger, higher deck and a side discharge chute so that materials can flow in and out easily. That means no jammed materials under the deck, no blade spindle wrapping, and no more half-mowed fields. Take a look at the ultimate brush mowing test to see how these design features make the DR Field and Brush Mower ideal for all your brush mowing projects:

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