Top 5 Pressure Washer Projects

Thanks to its incredible versatility, a pressure washer is one of the best pieces of cleaning equipment you can buy. Not only can the powerful machine handle all sorts of everyday household tasks on its own, but add into the equation the huge selection of pressure washer accessories available and you’ve got yourself an all-round cleaning implement which will help you easily tackle almost any cleaning job imaginable.

If you’re considering investing in a pressure washer or just want to know how you can put your machine to better use, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five different tasks you can take on with the help of a few pressure washer accessories.

Washing the Car

Man washing his carThere is a number of different pressure washer accessories you can buy to make washing the car a fast and hassle-free chore. Removable detergent bottles allow you to add your favorite car cleaning product to the water, turning the powerful water stream into a jet of soapy suds. A rotary brush can also be added onto the end of the pressure washer nozzle, allowing you to gently scrub off tough stains without damaging the paintwork.

Cleaning the decknettoyage terrasse bois

They key to cleaning your deck with a pressure washer is to keep the pressure as low as possible, so experiment a little bit and find how low you can set the pressure whilst still removing the dirt. Adding a removable detergent bottle filled with deck cleaner will help get rid of any loose or lightly-attached grime, whilst a removable brush will allow you to scrub off any dirt which can’t be blasted off with water and cleaner alone.

Clearing out Gutters

One of the most useful pressure washer accessories available on the market today, a pressure washer telescoping wand will allow you to clear out the gutters without having to balance on a ladder or climb on the roof. These wands enable you to stand safely on the ground and direct a powerful jet of water into the gutters, getting rid of any trapped leaves and other debris.

Stripping Paintpressure washer1

You can save yourself hours of heavy duty labor removing old paint manually with a paint scraper by tackling the job with your pressure washer instead. High-powered pressure washers of a minimum of 3,000 PSI are best for this sort of substantial task, but you won’t need any pressure washer accessories to do the job well. Simply aim your pressure washer at the paint you want to strip and pull the trigger.

Removing stains from the driveway

If you thought you’d never get rid of that dirty oil stain in the driveway, you should try removing it with a pressure washer before you give up all hope. After scrubbing the stain with a powerful cleaner, fill a removable detergent bottle with detergent and start spraying. Leave the detergent to sit for a while before rinsing it off and the stain should be fully or partially removed.

So if you planned to only use your pressure washer for the single job that you bought it for, think again! By investing in a small number of accessories you can even further enhance the versatility of this already multi-functional cleaning tool.

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