Tips for Using Your Leaf Vacuum

The DR Leaf and Lawn Vac eliminates raking!Here at DR, our product testing department spends a lot of time using all our machines — over 100 hours with each model, as a matter of fact. So they know all the best ways to maximize efficiency when working out in the field. This fall, if you’re cleaning up your lawn with a leaf vacuum such as the tow-behind DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum, here are some helpful tips from our product testing department:

 1. Gather sticks for chipping first.

Start by gathering all the sticks that need to be chipped. This will keep you from having to stop and get off your lawn tractor to collect and chip them as you ride. Chip the ones that are 2″ in diameter or smaller (or whatever size your vacuum’s chipper can handle). Either load the larger ones into the collection box of the vacuum, or set them aside to use as firewood.

2. Practice maneuvering the machine.

The first couple times you use your lawn vacuum, you may find it difficult to take corners and go in reverse. We recommend you practice a bit in first gear before you tackle your lawn for the first time. Drive your leaf vacuum into the corner of your property and back out straight to mow as close to the corner as possible. Be sure to stay away from fences when you want to turn, as the back will swing wide during a turn. Avoid going through ditches.

3. Vacuum with the discharge side toward the leaves.

DR Pro-XL Leaf and Lawn VacuumYour lawn deck will tend to scatter some leaves in front and to the right of the mower. Keeping the discharge side toward the remaining leaves will simplify cleanup by avoiding blowing leaves back onto the areas that you’ve already finished. When you need to vacuum with the discharge side toward the completed area of the lawn, then overlap the discharge side of the lawn deck at least a foot over the already completed section of the lawn.

4. Vacuum when the grass is short and dry.

You’ll get the best results if you vacuum your lawn when it is dry and when the grass is 2″ long or less.

5. Maximize lift from your lawn deck.

Run your lawn tractor at full throttle all the time to maximize the lift from your lawn deck and assist your lawn vacuum system.

DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums

6. Avoid obstacles.

Avoid dragging the inlet hose over curbs, stonewalls, or piles of cut branches. The hose on the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum is tough, but can be punctured on sharp objects.

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