Single- or Dual-Point Hitch?

When shopping for towable machines, one issue that often comes up is whether to choose a single- or dual-point hitch. Some machines have both configurations available, or an optional kit to convert one to the other. In some cases, you are locked into the decision that the company has made for a particular machine. The truth is that both configurations have their benefits. The best one for you will depend on how the machine is used, your expertise with towing, and what type of property you have.

When we introduced our new Leaf and Lawn Vacuums, we decided to give them a single-point hitch. Previously, they were designed with a single-point hitch and we offered an optional kit for converting to a dual-point hitch. Throughout the design process for the new models, we weighed the pros and cons of each. Here’s what we found.
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Single-Point Hitch

A single-point hitch is the de facto design for the majority of trailers and towed machines. While it does take some time to get used to, maneuvering with a single-point hitch allows you to have a much smaller turning radius and is simply more intuitive overall. There is little to no chance of side-swiping a building or tree (or taking out your prized begonia plant!) because the trailer follows directly in your tow vehicle’s path.

Dual-Point Hitch

Many people simply prefer a dual-point hitch, but we have found it to be less intuitive (especially for those experienced in towing trailers) than a single-point configuration. With this setup, the towed machine always stays in line with your tow vehicle, regardless of what turns you make. Its turning radius will be larger, but it can be easier to use for less-experienced drivers. In general, it is not preferable for properties with lots of obstacles and an intricate landscape design.

When you have the choice, you will be able to choose the configuration that best fits your property and experience level.

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