Rising Gas Prices Spark Demand for Electric Mowers

NeutonWith the cost of gas rising steadily over the past decade, more and more homeowners have been reaping the financial benefits of electric yard care equipment.  Namely, lawn mowers.  According to a Yale University study, the US uses more than 600 million gallons of gas to mow and trim lawns every year and spills about 17 million gallons in the process.  With increasing per-gallon gas costs, this translates into a large expenditure for US homeowners.

Industry reports show that sales of electric lawn care equipment are on the rise and will continue to account for a higher and higher proportion of the country’s lawn care equipment sales.  The cost of mowing is significantly reduced for homeowners who switch to electric mowing.  For example, Neuton Battery-Electric Mowers cost just 10 cents to recharge, and a single charge is sufficient for mowing lawns up to 1/3 acre.  Electric mowers are also maintenance-free and much easier to use than their gas-powered counterparts.  The drop-in / lift-out battery design of the Neuton makes “refueling” a breeze, and push-button starting takes the strain off your arms and back.

For those who own battery-electric mowers, proper battery care is important to minimize replacement costs.  Owners should be sure to:

  • Never fully drain the battery before recharging, as this canNeutBatt decrease its storage capacity significantly.
  • After each use of the mower, the battery should be fully recharged.
  • Do not leave it charging after it is full unless you are sure that your charger protects against overcharging.  Neuton batteries use an auto shut-off charger which charges for up to 14 hours then shuts off.
  • Remove the battery and fully charge it before storing it for winter, and then charge it again before you start mowing in the spring.

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