New DR Power Grader Model!

DR Power Grader with EZ-DialThe idea behind the original DR Power Grader was pretty simple. Take one of those repetitive, thankless maintenance chores, and make it just as easy as possible. Before we introduced the Power Grader in 2004, there just wasn’t a lot of middle ground between heavy machinery and trucked-in gravel (tough on your wallet), and serious labor involving shovels, picks, wheelbarrows, and other hand tools (tough on you).

The original DR Power Grader provided a solution which—as we’ve heard from so many customers—could pay for itself in its first season of use. And, now that payback can come even faster!

EZ-DialOur new EZ-Dial model looks a bit different from the original (and still available) models, but it features the same carbide-tipped grading teeth that dig into compacted surfaces and redistribute existing driveway material—filling in potholes and smoothing out washboard.

The difference? The EZ-Dial model features a simple hand-crank that allows you to raise or lower the grading depth from the seat of your tow vehicle. (The original models utilize a wireless remote control for this purpose.) By offering a manual solution we are able to remove a significant amount of cost, and we are happy to pass that saving on to you!

Wondering which is better suited to your needs? Here’s the skinny:

In terms of functionality, the wireless remote of the original models makes it easy to raise and lower the grading tines while you are moving, and without turning yourself all the way around. With the EZ-Dial model you need to reach back, so you will want to do this before you set you tow vehicle in motion.

Also, if you want to go off your driveway to turn around (onto your lawn, for example), you will need to stop the EZ-Dial model, raise the grading teeth, turn your tow vehicle around, then reset the grading depth before you resume grading.

With the new EZ-Dial model, the job is done every bit as well, it just requires a bit more stopping and starting. But depending on your property, the difference may be minimal. Keep in mind that, typically, the need for raising and lowering the grading teeth is greatest when you are treating a driveway that is in bad shape. Once you get your driveway smoothed out, and are simply maintaining it, you’ll find that you don’t need to adjust the grading depth nearly as often. Whichever model you use, we’ll guarantee the results!

See the new EZ-Dial Power Grader in action!

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