Make Changing Your Trimmer Cord Fast & Easy!

QL HeadIf you own a DR Trimmer/Mower, then you know that the classic wide-body trimmer heads are great in most situations, but have a few pitfalls.

While they work beautifully for light trimming, you may have noticed that it is easy for the trimmer cord to pull out in particularly dense thickets of brush. How annoying! And, changing trimmer cord can be a hassle; you have to thread the cord through the line plates and bend it around to keep it in place.

Enter: the new Quick-Lock Trimmer Head.

Available for any model of DR Trimmer/Mower (and now standard on select tow-behind models), the Quick-Lock Trimmer Head replaces your standard wide-body trimmer head. It allows you to change cord simply by inserting the end of a length of cord into an opening. You push it in, and it will not pull out! Simply pull it through the other side to remove it. This means that changing your trimmer cord takes no more than a few seconds and couldn’t be simpler! Plus, trim in any thick weeds without fear of your cord pulling out.

Trimmer Quick Lock HeadHere’s how it works:

Instead of inserting two longer pieces of trimmer cord which are looped through the head such that both ends are used for trimming, the Quick-Lock Trimmer Head lets you simply insert the first couple inches of the end of a length of cord into the head. And the gripping mechanism locks it in tightly and won’t let go! So you use four shorter pieces of trimmer cord instead of two longer pieces.

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