Leaf Pickup: Don’t Blow It! (Blowers vs. Vacuums)

When it comes to giving up the rake and moving on to more efficient leaf gathering equipment, many people think they have solved the problem when they bring home a nice new leaf blower.

Leaf Blowers

It’s understandable, because the investment in a leaf blower is relatively small and the improvement over the rake—at least to start with—seems immense. And there is no denying the childlike pleasure to be had from firing up that air cannon. You can herd those bad boys across the yard, making them dance to your ninja warrior commands. You’re the boss.

Leaf Vacuums

The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum - Leaf pick-up, DONE RIGHT

But your pile can only get so big before you need to stop and do something about it. You saved a lot of time making that pile, but now you’re at the same place you were after a half hour of raking. You need to bag them up, or get them on a tarp and drag them off. (Don’t even think about burning them—it’s illegal almost everywhere now). After a half hour of this drudgery those leaves are laughing at you. Who’s the boss now?

This is where you might start thinking about a leaf VACUUM, because it’s designed to do the whole job, soup to nuts. And one that works with your riding tractor, like the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum, does even more. Once it’s hooked up to your mower and you drive off on it…you are transformed into a major multi-tasker. You’re simultaneously 1) mowing the lawn, 2) mulching and vacuuming up leaves, sticks, acorns and anything else that’s on your lawn, and 3) gathering it all into one big container.

Yes, you still have to empty that container, but look how easy that is—

You can handle that, right boss?

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